Lightweight, Foldable, Spacious

Green Crate

Aesthetically appealing and superbly sturdy- The easy to use foldable crate combines elegance with durability and offersa hassle-free storage.

Marvelously crafted with corrosion-free engineering grade polymers,water and chemical resistant material, the special crate creates a unique storage space, with grace.

Ergonomic Foldable Design

The lightweight but super-sturdy crate comes with the convenience of folding so that it can be easily stored and carried anywhere. While the unfolded form offers spacious storage, the folded form is only about 6 cm in height for easy stacking.

Strong Joints and Better Grip

The strong foldable crate from SayPlasto offers the best in class joints that facilitate smooth & easy folding. While the special seams enable it to fold within seconds, the overall design ensures a better grip.

100% recyclable plastic used for crafting the crate is completely safe for storing any kinds of products ranging from industrial goods to household things.

Hassle-Free Folding

The ingenious folding mechanism reduces the volume by 76% and helps in stacking the crates at ease. Moreover, the strong sturdy design enables you to increase the stack height without fretting for stack warp or collapse.

Multi-purpose Storage

The special crates are crafted with completely recyclable, non-toxic, and food-grade plastic that allows one to store anything as desired. Clothes, books, bottles, vegetables, fruits, shoes, whatever one wants to store, can freely do so.





Folded Height


Temperature Range


27 cm

38 cm

54 cm

6.5 cm


-20°C to 60°C

PPCP & engineering grade polymers

The super sturdy & exceptionally elegant spacious crates allow you to freely store whatever you require, without worrying for damage. Gracefully store the scattered things and utilize the available space to its fullest in a hassle-free manner.